The Day I Broke Into the Tater Stash

The goal was to make it until March or April, but I broke into the tater stash in the middle of February.

I was making one of our favorite meals, Swiss deer steaks with mashed potatoes and corn, when I was getting ready to peel the remnants of our fresh potatoes. One thing I hate is peeling small potatoes. Then I looked into the bucket with the remainder of our fresh potatoes.

This is what I saw.

tater bucket

Now I know I could be patient and peel several of these little guys, but then I started getting visions of my taters stash in the basement. Those taters were already peeled and ready for mashed potatoes.



I also started thinking about how good the home fries I have been making several times a week have been. Canned fried potatoes are good, but not nearly as good as fresh ones.

And then I made the decision…to break my March or April goal…and dig into the tater stash.

Copy of The Joy of Finishing the Woodpile

Honestly, I felt somewhat defeated. We worked so hard to try to put away enough to last the whole year. We still have almost 100 jars, canned and ready to go. I know that sounds silly, but I really was hoping that I could hold off a little longer before I dug into them. It is still possible that we can make it until our next potato crop comes before we have to buy potatoes, but it seems like once we break into the stash, they go awful quickly.

But now I can set my new goal for next season.


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