The Joy of Finishing the Woodpile

It is February 20th, and the woodpile is officially finished for the season.

The Joy of Finishing the Woodpile

This lady is absolutely ecstatic! Not only are we finished earlier than we ever have, but I only had to help ONCE…Just once…no hauling wood up snow-covered hills in the sub-zero weather…no endless hours sitting in front of the wood splitter…no thousands of trips back and fourth to stack the wood.

cutting wood

Berry Man cutting wood on an early foggy morning

This year, Berry Man did it all…by…himself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy the physical activity involved with cutting, splitting, and stacking wood. I like being able to get outside in the winter time and work with the entire family.

But the past three years we have been busy. Berry Man and I both have been working full-time jobs on top of running our berry farm and trying to preserve as much food as possible to try to make our homesteading dream a reality.

And we are getting closer.

Having Berry Man working at home has been such a relief. I am starting to feel human again. In the evenings, I can actually come home from work and be done for the day. Berry Man can spend all day completing berry patch chores and working towards our dreams, and when summer comes, I can join him.

Yes, we still have lots of homesteading activities to complete on the weekends such as preserving potatoes and making soap, but I don’t think I knew how much I needed a little extra time to rest and enjoy life.

I am thankful God has provided this opportunity for our family. I am thankful for this journey. And I am thankful the woodpile is done…until next year!


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