10 Reasons We Burn Wood On Our Homestead

Today it is a measly 10 degrees with a wind chill of 10 below. Guess where the favorite place in our house is?


We started heating our home solely with wood beginning in 2008 and never looked back. Yes, cutting wood is a lot of work, but the cozy days and nights around the wood stove while it is freezing cold outside make it so worth it!

Here are the top 10 reasons we burn wood on our homestead.

10 Reasons We Burn Wood on Our Homestead (2)

  1. Burning wood is sustainable. We can get the heat we need from the land on our homestead. It’s a perfect example of the self-sufficiency that we strive for.
  2. Wood is cheap and renewable. We have enough dead trees in our woods to have a steady supply for years to come. We estimate that we save and average $2500 per year by burning wood for our home. So we have saved an easy $20,000 since we started burning wood in 2008. Even if the day comes that we would have to buy firewood, it would still be a substantial savings from having to buy propane each year.
  3. We can work on the wood pile as a family. Spending the morning together and watching the wood pile grow provides lots of opportunity for us to talk about anything and everything. The kids are learning all sorts of life lessons about hard work and perseverance…stuff you just can’t learn from a book.
  4. Cutting, splitting, and stacking wood is good exercise. Wood work provides an at-home gym readily available for strength and endurance training.
  5. Wood heat warms you up twice. First it heats your body when you cut, split, and stack it. Then it warms you again in the stove. You get twice as much heat.
  6. Our allergies have improved dramatically. Wood stoves provide radiant heat for your home, so you don’t have to deal with all the dust and allergens blowing through the air ducts. Before, when we used our central heating forced air system, we would all be sick the week after we first turned on the heat for the year. It was so bad Berry Boy ended up in the hospital with pneumonia two years in a row right after we turned on the heat. Our allergies have improved and sickness has decreased since we started using the wood stove.
  7. If the power goes out, we still have heat. Our wood stove requires no electricity at all. We never have to worry about freezing when the electricity goes out. We also enjoy cooking on our wood stove during winter storms.
  8. We always have hot water for tea and coffee. We keep water on our stove most of the winter. In addition to always having hot water, it also adds some moisture to the dry winter air.
  9. The fire is relaxing to watch. On winter nights, Berry Man and I often just sit in the family room watching the fire in our wood stove…no TV…no lights…just cuddled around a cup of hot coffee watching the fire. It is so relaxing, and we need that down time after a crazy berry season.
  10. It’s the best place to stand and warm your bum. You just can beat standing by the wood stove hovering over a cup of hot coffee. Berry Pup enjoys the warm tile, too!

Does your family burn wood? What is your favorite part of how you heat your home? Leave your comments below.


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