The Best Gift Money Cannot Buy

gift smallWhy would you want to do that? I hear it over and over again as I talk to people. Why would I want to grow my own food, run my own business, make my own medicine, raise my family in such a way that is….well…weird? The answer is easy…Time.

God has shown me gifts the earth He created can provide. I have tasted the wonders of home-grown food, and have suffered the digestive consequences of the processed foreign materials purchased in our grocery stores. I have experienced the love of family, in which time, and not money matters. What can I say, I enjoy my homesteading lifestyle.

Everyone has a story. For me it has been a journey…a journey to help my family be self-sufficient…a journey to put God and my family first…a journey to leave a legacy and a business for my children, so they will always be taken care of.

There is just something about putting a plant in the earth, watching in grow, taking care of it, harvesting it, and eating it that is just so breathtaking. I did that! God did that! My family did that! And we did it working together, growing together, and spending time with each other. Time. Something you cannot buy at a store, and better than anything money buy. Give it a try.


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